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Using the website mind for music I have compiled an ordered/to match playlist on my YouTube channel of the big band charts that are available as quality recordings of exact arrangements.  If I can't find a recording that matches I won't list the chart which will cause gaps in my playlist vs. the list on the site.   I am hoping to be able to match recordings to at least half of the charts.  I will pull out the drum charts and post them here in order to match the YouTube playlist so that you can open the chart for the tune in the playlist and practice chart reading real charts with real quality recordings for the sole purpose of learning and education.

12th Street Rag

88 Basie Street

A Gentle Breeze

A Little Minor Booze

chart starts when

bones come in

A Little Night Music

A Lotta Livin To Do

A String of Pearls

A Trumpeters Prayer

Admiral's Horn


After You've Gone

Against All Odds

Aggressive Shuffling

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

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